Commercial In Ground Flag Poles


Aluminum Flag Poles

Our cone tapered ground set aluminum flagpoles are precision fabricated from tubing utilizing the industry's most sophisticated, state -of-the-art maanufacturing processes. Available in both External and Internal Halyard styles. The conical portion tapers approximately 1 in. in every 5 1/2 feet. Poles with overall lengths of less than 38ft. 6 in. are shipped in one piece. Loger lengths are shipped in sections and will be factory fitted with a self-aligning sleeve which requires no field welding. Upon proper assembly a hair-line joint will occur. All flagpole shafts are highly polished with fine grain aluminum oxide cloth resulting in a high qauality, deep satin lustre finish. This finish represents the ultimate in architectural finishes for aluminum flagpoles. The elegant, soft sheen remains maintenance free. The following anodized finshes are: Clear, Light Bronze #311, medium bronze #312, dark bronze #313 and black #335. CLICK ON GRAPHIC FOR ALL SIZES AND STYLES.


Fiberglass Flag Poles

Our Fiberglass Flag Poles all poles have an ultrahard, gel coat finish that stands up to the harshest of weather condictions. Our rugged gel coat finish is especially well sited near salt water or in other extreme weather conditions. Available in both External and Internal Halyard styles. Our proles will not corrode, pit or rust. Since fiberglass is a non-conductor, no grounding is required; thus installation is easy and inexpensive. Our innovative molding process produces a flagpole shaft with a tensile strength of 50,000 pouds per square inch. Inside a steel clam shell mold, seven layers of reinforced fiberglass roving, mixed with a polester resin is alighned in a vertical plane for maximum strength and placed on a thick layer of gel-coat. An inflatable baldder is layed the entire length of the mold. The mold is closed, the baldder inflated and the resulting pole is created by subtle pressure and slow curing during an exothermic chemical reaction. CLICK ON GRAPHIC FOR ALL SIZES AND STYLES.