Indoor Oak Finished Display Poles

Indoor Oak Finished Display Poles

Our Highly Polished Oak finished wood poles have long enjoyed a reputation for unsurpassed excellence. Graceful in design, with a beautiful oak finish, all poles are two-piece with brass screw joint.








Indoor Signature Mahogany Pole

Indoor Signature Mahogany Pole

8 ft. x 1 1/4 in. Mahogany Finished Hardwood Pole. Polished brass fittings and butt ferrule.


Indoor Adjustable Aluminum Pole

Indoor Adjustable Aluminum Pole

The one pole that is just the right height for all popular sizes for Indoor and Parade flags. No tools are required for quick, easy twist-lock setting of telescoping sections at any height from 6' to 10'. This pole comes complete with ornament top adapter, cord and tassel ring, flag rings and capped bottom. Available in bright gold anodized finish only.


Indoor Anodized Aluminum Display Poles

Indoor Anodized Aluminum Display Poles

Engineered for maximum performance and beauty. Our parade poles offer truly outstanding quality at economy prices. The choice of America's leading color guards and marching bands, poles are two-piece, of strong aluminum tubing, with rich anodized finish in choice of gold or silver. Special features include tight-fitting invisible joints and shock-absorbing molded rubber base plug. Each pole is equipped with adjustable band for attaching flag and cord and tassel.