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Tajikistan Flag 

Flag of Tajikistan

Flag Adopted

Flag Proportion: 1:2
Capital: Dushanbe
Language: Persian
Currency: Somoni
Continent: Central Asia
The current flag of Tajikistan was officially adopted in November of 1992 following independence from the former Soviet Union.  The flag is composed of red, white and green horizontal bands and features a yellow stylized crown symbol centered on the flag.  The color green has been interpreted to stand for the valleys and other physical features of the region, and is also commonly used to represent the Islamic faith.  White represents cotton, as well as the snow found on the mountains, and is also recognized as a symbol of purity.  There are several explanations for the meaning of the color red.  It is considered by some ‘a color of unification of republic and brotherhood with other nations of the world,’ and also as ‘a symbol of the sun and victory.’  The meaning of the crown symbol has also prompted confusion among experts.  Seven, the number of stars found above the crown, has many potential interpretations.  A practical explanation is that each star represents one of the seven districts in the country.  But within the Tajik culture the number seven is recognized as a symbol of perfection, and according to legend ‘heaven is composed of seven beautiful orchards, separated by seven mountains each with a glowing star on top.’ 

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