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Turkmenistan Flag 

 Flag of Turkmenistan

Flag Adopted

Flag Proportion: 1:2
Capital: Ashgabat
Language: Turkmen
Currency: Manat
Continent: Central Asia
The current flag of Turkmenistan was officially adopted in January of 2001.  The intricate design begins with a basic green flag featuring a vertical red stripe towards the hoist side of the flag.  Placed within the stripe are five different carpet guls, embraced by a set of olive branches placed at the bottom of the stripe.  To the right of the stripe there is a crescent facing five small five pointed stars.  Each symbol on this flag has a meaning specific to Turkmenistan.  The five different carpet guls, used in traditional carpet designs, represent the five main tribes of the country, and can also be seen as a manifest of national identity. The five stars represent the five provinces of Turkmenistan, Ahal, Balkan, Dashhowuy, Lebap and Mary.  Further interpretations consider the stars as a representation of the five senses, and the five points on each star as the five states of matter.  These stars are embraced by a crescent, the traditional symbol of Islam, as well as hope.  The olive branches were added to the flag as a declaration of the country’s peaceful and neutral status. 

Prices for the flag of Turkmenistan :
4" x 6"
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6' x 10'
PRICE $2.50 $38.00 $55.75 $72.75 $116.00 $162.00

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