Our Missouri State flags are made of nylon fabric for average weather conditions or Polyester for heavy weather conditions. We also offer them in Banner style or handheld stick flag style.

Missouri Flag History !

The seal of Missouri carries twenty-four stars, signifying that it was the twenty-fourth state to join the union. The stars on the inside of the seal have the same meaning. The circular seal in the center is divided into two parts. The half on the right comes from great seal of the United States. The left side contains a moon representing Missouri as a new state, and a bear that stands for courage. The larger grizzlies mean the same thing. In the center ring is the motto - United We Stand, Divided We Fall (same as Kentucky) - which is a tribute to the United States as are the basic flag colors of red, white and blue. The Roman numerals represent the date of the first state constitution which was 1820. The Missouri state flag was designed by Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Oliver of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Made In The USA
Missouri Flag PRINTED Nylon

Missouri Flag PRINTED Nylon

12 x 18 in.: $14.00

2 x 3 ft.: $30.67

3 x 5 ft.: $41.67

4 x 6 ft.: $79.34

5 x 8 ft.: $125.22

6 x 10 ft.: $221.07

8 x 12 ft.: $399.00

10 x 15 ft.: $410.00

12 x 18 ft.: $445.00

Missouri Flag PRINTED Polyester

Missouri Flag PRINTED Polyester

3 x 5 ft.: $69.15

4 x 6 ft.: $106.86

5 x 8 ft.: $168.74

Missouri Stick Flag

Missouri Stick Flag

4 x 6 in. on 10 in. x 3/16 in Stick: $3.00

8 x 12 in. on 18 in. x ΒΌ in. Stick: $11.95

12 x 18 in. on 30 in. x 5/16 in. Stick: $9.95

Missouri Indoor Flag Fringed

Missouri Indoor Flag Fringed

3 x 5 ft.: $57.00

4 x 6 ft.: $89.00

Missouri Indoor Flag Plain, No Fringe

Missouri Indoor Flag Plain, No Fringe

3 x 5 ft.: $47.00

4 x 6 ft.: $95.00