Our Oregon State flags are made of nylon fabric for average weather conditions or Polyester for heavy weather conditions. We also offer them in Banner style or handheld stick flag style.

Oregon Flag History !

The Oregon flag is the only two sided state flag using a different design on each side of the flag. A picture of a beaver, the state animal, appears on the back. The field of the Oregon state flag is navy blue, the design in gold, the state colors. The front depicts Oregon at the time of statehood. 33 stars for the number of states in the union at the time, surround a heart shaped shield. The sun shines over the Pacific, mountains, forests and a covered wagon. The plow, wheat, and pickax stand for farming and mining. In earlier times, both Great Britain and the United States claimed large portions of land called Oregon Country. In 1846 they divided it between them, and Oregon became a part of the United States. One ship in the shield represents a British ship leaving, the other is a United States ship arriving.
The eagle stands for the United States and the motto means that Oregon supports the Union.
Made In The USA
Oregon Flag PRINTED Nylon

Oregon Flag PRINTED Nylon

12 x 18 in.: $14.00

2 x 3 ft.: $30.67

3 x 5 ft.: $41.67

4 x 6 ft.: $154.94

5 x 8 ft.: $224.21

6 x 10 ft.: $356.33

8 x 12 ft.: $399.00

10 x 15 ft.: $385.00

12 x 18 ft.: $549.00

Oregon Flag PRINTED Polyester

Oregon Flag PRINTED Polyester

3 x 5 ft.: $126.27

4 x 6 ft.: $213.71

5 x 8 ft.: $266.26

Oregon Stick Flag

Oregon Stick Flag

4 x 6 in. on 10 in. x 3/16 in Stick: $3.00

8 x 12 in. on 18 in. x ΒΌ in. Stick: $11.95

12 x 18 in. on 30 in. x 5/16 in. Stick: $9.95

Oregon Indoor Flag Fringed

Oregon Indoor Flag Fringed

3 x 5 ft.: $84.00

4 x 6 ft.: $127.00

Oregon Indoor Flag Plain, No Fringe

Oregon Indoor Flag Plain, No Fringe

3 x 5 ft.: $74.00

4 x 6 ft.: $114.00